Anyone who owns a gun will be horrified to read H.R 127. The Democrats latest assault on the Second Amendment is truly stunning in it’s total disrespect for law-abiding gun owners. Read our proposed bill to address this assault on our Second Amendment in New Hampshire.

We must ensure that New Hampshire officials will not enforce unconstitutional gun control legislation from the Federal Government.  

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Make no mistake about it, the Democrats in Congress are coming for our guns.  

The text in House Resolution 127 is clear– our 2nd Amendment is under assault. The radical left wants to take away the rights of law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves and their family, even in Constitutional-carry states like New Hampshire.   

Among other things, H.R. 127 would create a national gun registry which would include the owner’s name and address, make, model, and serial number of each gun and where the gun is stored.  This database would be publicly available for anyone to search.  Would you like your neighbors to know what guns you have in your house?  

H.R. 127 would create a national licensing requirement requiring you to have a psychological suitability test which would give your spouse, former spouse, or other members of your household veto power over your license.  (You’d have to pay for the evaluation, of course).  It would require you to have firearm insurance, it would require you to pay for 24 hours of training initially and an additional 8 hours of training every 3 years.  It would place new limits on the types of firearms you can own.  It will ban certain types of ammunition for citizens, but not for government agencies.   Finally, it would subject you to fines of up to $150,000 and 20 years in jail for non-compliance.

With the help of my constituents in Hampton Falls & Seabrook, I am working to build support for legislation to safeguard the 2nd Amendment here in New Hampshire. 

Let’s send our elected state representatives a clear message– the people of New Hampshire won’t stand for our 2nd Amendment being infringed by the Federal government.  This is an issue for the states to decide and New Hampshire guarantees these rights in our State Constitution.   It is the job of our elected officials to protect these rights, not give them away to the Federal Government.